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QC Arts presents young artists, new gallery exhibition


Based in Rock Island Quad City Arts has two special events coming up in the next few days.

On Thursday, July 7 at 6 p.m., the Metro Arts program will have its final showcase outside Arts Alley, next to the gallery at 1715 2nd Ave., Rock Island.

The more than 40 student apprentices will talk about their projects and what they learned during their five-week process (which took place on weekday mornings). This year, the apprentices worked on cinema, graphic design, mural painting and poetry.

Trainees from Metro Arts in front of their mural with lead artist Heidi Sallows (standing, second from left).

Metro Arts brings together creative young adults and offers them productive and remunerated apprenticeships in the arts. The program is open to any student between the ages of 15 and 21 residing in the Quad Cities region. Participants will work on group projects under the supervision of a professional artist. Participants learn techniques and applications of their particular genre while developing professional skills.

Discover this program on its website HERE.

Opening on Friday

On Friday, July 8, from 6 to 8 p.m., Quad City Arts is hosting an artists’ reception in the gallery for the current exhibition. During the opening, artists will be present and refreshments will be served.

Until August 12, 2022, the gallery is showing jewelry-like sculptures by Ali Hval and multimedia installations by Melissa Airy.

Ali Hval, from Iowa City, is a muralist and sculptor who balances the sensuality of forms with the innocence and playfulness of the materials used. Hval’s jewelry-like sculptures reflect her interest in body adornment. The shapes look like anything from bodies to brooches and earrings to nipple tassels, according to a show release.

Disco Drops created by Ali Hval.

“I explore the connections between domesticity, femininity, fashion and consumerism and how these affect our everyday encounters,” Hval said. “They embrace, showcase and enhance women’s sensuality and femininity rather than hide or deny it, while acknowledging the awkwardness, humor and performance that can come with it.”

Melissa Airy, from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is an interdisciplinary artist who primarily combines installation, performance and video art to create a visual exploration of her identity as a pilgrim.

Through her artistic research and practice, Airy strives to understand and translate religious experiences into a secular world. Her work is a visual representation of her personal experiences as sojourners in sacred landscapes in an attempt to understand the deeper sense of purpose and enlightenment that was encountered along the way.

A piece by artist Melissa Airy, “Here, there, where”.

Airy uses performance art, video and installation as ways to understand, express and share the experiences she has had on her journey. It aims to create spaces and experiences that form a meeting ground for diverse viewers, momentarily uniting those who choose to browse the work.

In addition to Rock Island Gallery, works by current artists can be viewed and purchased online HERE.