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Riverside Artists Gallery Members Find New Home at Parkersburg Art Center | News, Sports, Jobs


Akemi Matsumoto will move her watercolor art from the former Riverside Artist Gallery in Marietta to the PAC 713 Market gift shop at the Parkersburg Art Center. (Photo provided)

PARKERSBURG – Many artists who used to be part of the Riverside Artist Gallery in Marietta have now crossed the river to sell their fine art, metal work, fiber art and jewelry at the Parkersburg Art Center’s new PAC 713 market.

“I can say that I loved being associated with the gallery (Riverside), and I was a member from 2008 to 2018, and I appreciated their connection to the community and the support the gallery received from the community” , said Bonnie Proudfoot, one of the artists now showing her fused and stained glass at the PAC 713 market.

Not only has she found a place to sell her art, but she will also be teaching stained glass at the Art Center this spring.

“Riverside’s closure was sad but it was so fortuitous that the Art Center Artists Market was about to open at that time.” said Virginia Killian, founding member of the Riverside Artist Gallery. “We’ve had so many great artists show their work at Riverside. I am happy that we have a new house where we can exhibit and sell.

Other artists who moved from Riverside to sell their work at PAC include: Akemi Matsumoto, paintings and origami; Betsy Cook, ironwork for home and garden; Scott Bookman, jewelry; Tracy Leinbaugh, fiber art; Lynda Rhodes, watercolors; and Cathy Norosky, sculpted gourds and paintings.

Garden Forge’s Betsy Cook will donate home and garden ironwork to the Parkersburg Art Center gift shop, now called PAC 713 Market. (Photo provided)

“The closure of the Riverside Gallery has left a hole in the artistic community that we hope to fill,” said Jennifer Carpenter, gift shop manager. “We have been upset with the closure, but we are excited to provide artists in Riverside as well as other regional artists with a place to sell their artwork and provide the community with a place to purchase art. unique handmade items.”

The PAC 713 market currently features the work of over 60 regional artists who have been selected in the shop. The shop offers arts and crafts as well as items from the art center. Plans are underway to start a series of unique exhibitions in the store, the first being the Garden Party show in May. These shows will ensure the store’s stock stays fresh and help showcase local talent, Carpenter said.

“The renovation of this boutique space and the opening of the new Marché PAC 713 have been under construction for a long time. I’m so happy to be part of it, but the job is not done. We have big plans for the future,” she says.

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