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Rosemarie Devereux explores the history of art in Europe in a course based on Greystones


Rosemary Devereux’s art history class “Europe and Art: History of Painting” will start next week at the Whale Theater.

This course provides an overview of the major artistic movements that occurred across Europe between 1400 and 2000 that not only defined how art was produced, but provided the enduring imagery behind the most influential rulers Europe – royal, religious and republicans – as well as the philosophies upon which their rule depended.

These movements also recall the changes in social mores that were necessary for the sustainability of societies and provided the mechanism by which the technological advances of each era were manifested and proclaimed.

Their evolving styles and ever-changing subjects have provided a visual record of each nation’s cultural aspirations ensuring the survival of these images as important social documents in their own right.

These movements trace the long and arduous journeys undertaken by various groups of artists over the last 600 years of art history, during which the cold place usually occupied by anonymous medieval artisans was replaced by a hearth famous artists who have ensured their fame and longevity. would outlast them for a long time in today’s modern world.

The subject of the first week is “The History of the Renaissance – Magnificence and Exhibition in Italy”.

The second week is “Painting the ordinary and the everyday of the Dutch Golden Age”.

“Celebrating international women artists from 1550 to 1800” is the theme of the third week, and the fourth week, “Revealing the facades – The great Baroque masters”.

Rosemarie will discuss “Revolutions! Art & Société dans la France du 19e siècle “in week five, and in the sixth and last week, it is” Avant-garde and modernism of the early 20th century “.

Rosemarie Devereux is an independent art historian from Greystones. She holds a BA and MA in Art History from UCD.

The sessions take place on Thursday morning at 10:30 am. Tickets are € 100 for six lessons, or € 20 per lesson.

To book, visit Whaletheater.ie or call 01 2010 550.