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Sampad South Asian Arts & Heritages receives £ 40,000 in funding


Birmingham-based Sampad South Asian Arts & Heritage is delighted to have received funding from the Baring Foundation for a vital community project in one of the city’s most disadvantaged areas.

Since 2017, Sampad has been working with the Dolphin Women’s Center (DWC) in Washwood Heath to co-design the Create and Change community engagement project. In the presence of local women and families, Create and Change uses a variety of art forms ranging from oral creation to photography to crafts, through a program of workshops designed to increase well-being and reduce isolation.

The grant of £ 39,980 over two years will help Sampad continue its partnership with DWC, an organization that provides a safe place for women to meet, learn skills and make new friends.

Sabra Khan, Executive Director of Sampad, said: “Sampad has long believed in using the arts to support well-being. At a time when it is increasingly necessary to take care of our physical and mental health, we thank the Baring Foundation for this grant. This funding will allow us to continue to work with our attendees and integrate long-term arts activities through our partnership with DWC in Washwood Heath, an area listed in the top 10% of poorest neighborhoods nationwide.

The Baring Foundation is an independent organization that protects and advances human rights and promotes inclusion. The Foundation seeks to build positive and purposeful partnerships with grant recipients, funders and others to work together for social change.

Baring Foundation Director David Cutler said: “We are delighted to support Sampad’s continued work with the Dolphin Women’s Center. Projects often have to close for lack of funding, just when participants are reaping the greatest benefits, so we are especially happy to be able to offer this support.

Maxine Mills, Project Manager, Dolphin Women’s Center, added: “Our service users have enthusiastically participated in the Sampad program since 2017. The workshops and artistic activities were designed to connect the local community, mainly of southern origin. Asian, arts and South Asian arts. culture and to help us open more conversations about mental health and wellness. These activities can often be the only artistic activities in which they participate. We are really excited about this next phase of the project and to have an artist based in our center and to work with them to design and organize workshops and artistic activities for the users of our center. . “

Due to COVID-19, the project went live in fall 2020 via video calls offering weekly sessions, including Bollywood dance and wellness embroidery workshops.

This project will start in September 2021 and will see a resident artist at the Center to co-design workshops and projects with local communities. The project will also help participants return to the in-person activity when they feel comfortable and safe to do so.