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Square Enix Launches Final Fantasy VII Virtual Art Gallery For Its 25th Anniversary


It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon

In these difficult times, there are plenty of virtual eggs and experiments to do: including this Final Fantasy VII Art Gallery.

As a kind of double celebration of the 25th anniversary of this game and the newer version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you can now embark on a virtual adventure inside a collection of fan art curated by Square Enix. Jvisit this site hereclick on the entry, and go.

At the start of Final Fantasy VII art gallery, you’ll have access to “Room A”, with the ability to switch to Room B, C, or D from the main menu (and toggle background music). Clicking on each exhibit will zoom into the photo and present the artist’s name in Japanese. You can scroll through the exhibit as if you were “walking” down the hall, or let the screen automatically flow from side to side: then the next room, in order. Square Enix rated at the launch of this exhibition, there are “40 works” from the whole community and “not all works can be exhibited”.

It’s an absolutely lovely way to pass some time, and Square Enix has picked some great pieces here. Many of them look like official promo art, and if you want to spread the love, you can click the heart symbol under each piece to vote it up.

Chris Carter

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