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Texas Rangers tell their story with new art collection


FFrom the striking zone to the walls of the stadium, art adorns the Globe life field. Around the stadium are picturesque and robust rooms, concrete and abstract. These 18 pieces were commissioned from 14 Texan artists who represented the character of the state, the stadium and the franchise.

Each canvas varies in style, medium, and composition, but each intentionally reflects the same story of Texas or Ranger pride through different styles. So expect broken bats and laser cut baseballs in half, but also caricatures and abstractions.

Throughout the season, the club slowly released selected pieces with an accompanying artist video during home games. Dallas-based graffiti artist Tex Moton took the start. Its two-story mural, The reception team in the honor of time, offers a chronology through the history of the team jersey.

Moton used traditional latex paints and high projectile, hot pigment spray paints imported from Germany. It took 30 days to apply all the paint to the canvas.

“As the Rangers entered a new era with their new home, [the mural] pays tribute to all the different teams that have been there, ”said Moton.

Towards the home of Fort Worth artist Ariel Davis.

Triptych by abstract artist Charlie French, Texas Rangers Homerun !, which he created by hitting baseballs on painted canvas.

Portrait of Adrián Beltré by former Frisco RoughRiders receiver Kevin Mendoza.

A portrait of Nolan Ryan by Vernon Wells Jr., the father and namesake of the former Angels outfielder who lives in North Texas.

Ariel Davis, originally from Fort Worth, painted two pieces in oil on canvas, Take me to the ball game, take me with the crowd and Towards the house, which hang in the founder’s living room. It took Davis four months during the height of the pandemic lockdown to create the two paintings as she rotated back and forth between the two canvases, swapping the natural pastel colors of Towards the house for red, white and blue on Take me to the ball game, take me with the crowd. “When I first saw my art in Globe Life’s most exclusive neighborhood, I cried,” she says.

Dallas mural artist Kyle Steed, on the other hand, bled black and white acrylic into a hidden corner of the suite’s levels to create Living the dream. “It’s a bird’s eye view and whimsical of Arlington,” he says. “It’s almost a puzzle or a map where Charlie is.” Patient viewers will find hidden Easter eggs that include restaurants in Arlington, the initials of Ranger icons and prehistoric creatures.

Muralist Kyle Steed’s piece at Globe Life Field.

Texas Rangers

The other 14 pieces scattered around the park include works by Vernon Wells Jr. (father of the former MLB All-Star of the same name) and the talented Charlie French, an abstract artist with Down’s syndrome who hit baseballs on canvases. painted to create Texas Rangers home run!

It’s not uncommon for a professional sports team to house an art collection – just look at the AT&T stadium. But for the Rangers, the goal is to encourage Texan art that reflects the history of the team and the state. According to Travis Dillon, vice president of marketing for Rangers, “Art only makes sense with a goal. “