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The ancient art of paper cutting – AgriNews


Scherenschnitte is an art form of paper cutting. It was known to the ancient Chinese and others, and it became popular again in the early 1800s, especially in the Pennsylvania area.

A group of photos were sold at a folk art auction in New England from around 2011 to 2019. They often featured an eagle with outstretched wings with a lace trim. Each was signed “GB French”.

They have been described as the work of an artist working in the early 1800s. Other folk art theorems and watercolors were part of his signed work. Most were mounted in frames approximately 15 inches by 22 inches with painted corner blocks.

We were surprised to learn that the scherenschnitte was made in the 20th century. The first one we heard of was sold in 2013.

There are contemporary artists who make and sell plain paper pieces or paper cut images with paint added. But we didn’t find out who GB French was.

Old schnerenschnitte photos sell for $500 to $800, but the piece pictured here and identified as 20th century fetched just $40 at a Hess Auction group sale.

I have an Ink Spots 45 rpm record that was autographed by each member. Is it worth the money?

The Ink Spots, an American jazz singing group, began performing under this name in 1933. The group recorded for Decca Records from 1939 to 1953.

The members of the quartet changed several times as one person left and another replaced him. After the group disbanded in 1954, many other groups used the name.

Vinyl records are collected and many collectors want autographed albums. Some autographed albums sell for a few hundred dollars and others for several thousand dollars.

Value depends on condition, desirability, rarity of album, notoriety of singer or band, and authenticity of signatures. The value may depend on the album you have or the members who were at that time.

Check with a local store that sells used vinyl records to get an idea of ​​rarity and value. Ink Spots are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, so autographs add value, possibly up to $150.

Current prices

Toydoll quilt, flowers on blue background, center crest with bunnies outside house scene, rounded corners, 29 x 20 1/2 inches, $60.

DollMadame Alexander, ballerina, Margaret face, curled blonde braids, pink tulle tutu, flower trim, wrist tag, 1946, 14 inches, $600.

Toydollhouse, cottage, wood, painted, planter with flowers, roof that lifts to display parts, Schoenhut, c.1920, 10 x 13 inches, $1,140.

Blanketbraided, large center coiled circle, surrounded by 14 smaller circles, fabric, multicolor patterns, 103 inches, $3,190.

Point: To get a good shine on your antique furniture, use more rubbing, not more polishing.