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The Arts Council launches a book on the history of KMC from 1844 to 1979


The problem with Karachi is that everyone criticizes everyone without doing their part. We have to admit that there has been a decline in the quality of life in the city, but to improve business we have to eliminate negative thinking and understand that improvement comes in years, not days.

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) administrator attorney Murtaza Wahab said Thursday during the launch of a book on the history of Karachi Municipality at the Pakistan Arts Council (ACP).

The book, titled ‘Baldia Karachi: Saal Ba Saal 1844-1979’, covers the history of KMC from 1844 to 1979. It was written by Bashir Saddozai, the chairman of the Arts Council’s media department, who served in the KMC in the past.

Wahab told the ceremony that previously he had a negative impression of KMC, but now runs the same institution. He pointed out that Karachi will not prosper until the citizens own this city. Praising the author, he said Saddozai had worked hard for the city and had spent over 40 years of his life in the service of KMC.

ACP President Ahmed Shah said Karachi had experienced a lot of heartache and heartache. He noticed that the city’s cultural landscape was very vibrant until the late 1970s, after which the city’s artistic and cultural institutions were closed and that changed everything.

Praising the author, Shah said he was a passionate and dedicated person. The speaker added that Saddozai’s book was a good resource for anyone who wanted to know the history of Karachi.

The ACP president also informed the ceremony that Saddozai was working on a sequel to the book that would cover the history of the municipality from 1975 to the present day. Dr Saifur Rehman, Principal Secretary to the Governor of Sindh and former KMC Metropolitan Commissioner, remarked that if such a book had been published in the United States or Europe, it would have been really appreciated.

He said the book described various historical incidents, which made it an enjoyable read. He called for translating the book into English so that KMC’s story can reach the whole world.

“The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is a great institution in this great city. I have been associated with this organization for forty years and have tried to bring together the fragmented history of this organization in one place, ”Saddozai said.

Former head of the Citizen-Police Liaison Committee Ahmed Chinoy said the book would help people understand Karachi. He pointed out that Saddozai had written an informative book, the reading of which would change the way we think.

Veteran actor and ACP vice president Munawar Saeed said he had no idea Saddozai could write such a good book. He expresses his joy at seeing a large gathering at the launch of the book.

Academic and journalist Dr Tauseef Ahmed Khan praised the author for writing the book, which he described as wonderful. “A lot of people have written about Karachi but no one has written such a good book based on documents and history,” he said.

Commenting on the decline of KMC over the years, Dr Khan said governments were unwilling to empower local bodies. Various other speakers also congratulated the author for writing the book. The ceremony was moderated by Shakeel Khan.