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The best Genshin Impact Layla build, weapons, artifacts and Layla F2P options


Who needs sleep when you can muster your best Building Genshin Impact Layla and treat your party to one of the best anime RPG defenders and supporters. Akademiya’s perpetually exhausted student in Update 3.2 takes on a unique role in Genshin Impact’s roster, with her sturdy shields and icy stars.

While more recent characters since the release of the Sumeru region tended to fill DPS or healer roles, Layla is a defender whose shield ranks among the strongest. She’s also a reliable source of Cryo and a catalyst for powerful Freeze and Vapor reactions, and while her HP scaling abilities have few perfectly matched weapons, Layla does benefit from a set of artifacts. which you can acquire quite early in the game.

Just be sure to stock up on Nilotpala Lotus as you travel around Sumeru. Layla needs it for her level up.

Is Layla a DPS character?

Layla’s function as primary DPS is a bit murky for similar reasons to Candace and Kuki Shinobu. Layla’s setup makes her shine as a Cryo DPS sub and support character. His skill creates a shield with impressive damage absorption capacity that is matched only by Zhongli and Thoma, and which gets even stronger based on his max HP. Layla’s second passive talent, Like Nascent Light, increases the active character’s shield by 6% each time her shield gains a Nightstar, for a total of 24%.

While the shield is active, it accumulates these Night Stars and triggers them in rounds of four, dealing Cryo damage that also scales with Layla’s HP. His latest passive talent, Sweet Slumber Undisturbed, increases the star damage his shield creates by an additional 1.5% of his max HP,

Layla’s burst is similar to Ganyu’s. It creates an orb that fires Cryo projectiles continuously for 12 seconds. These too are based on Layla’s max HP. so if you haven’t figured it out yet, HP is Layla’s most important stat.

The ease and consistency with which she applies Cryo makes Layla a flexible solution for almost any party. Pair it with Nilou’s Tranquility Aura or Xingqiu’s Rain Swords for an easy freeze setup or Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko, or Cyno for Superconduct. Layla also makes Melt easy for Hu Tao, Diluc, Yanfei, and Yoimiya.

The only potential downside is that Cryo doesn’t have any interaction with Dendro, so if you planned a Dendro team with Nahida or Collei, that comp would resign Layla to the role of shield maker and nothing else.

Either way, Layla’s skill setup makes her perfect for off-field support, Cryo application, and damage, but you might want to experiment with using her in a primary DPS ability or at least keep her on. the field from time to time. Layla’s base attack is 18 and her normal attack scale is higher than what you usually get from 4-star characters. If you pair it with a powerful sword, it could defend itself with physical attacks and stay safe with its shield.

Should I shoot for Layla?

If you don’t have a reliable way to spread Cryo, need a strong shield character, or both, then the answer is absolutely yes, you should shoot for Layla. Genshin Impact still has relatively few characters that generate powerful shields, with Noelle, Xinyan, and Diona’s shield strength being about half that of Layla.

Outside of a replay of Diona and Ganyu, Cryo characters have also been in short supply lately, so Layla is a good opportunity for new players to add a strong elemental support character to their roster.

What is the best version of Genshin Impact Layla?

Layla needs HP, but with few weapon choices available that offer health boosts, you can let Artifacts carry that burden and get a little creative in the swords department.

Best Layla Weapon – Key of Khaj-Nisut

Layla’s best weapon is technically the Key of Khaj-Nisout the sword, as it increases HP twice, but unless you were very lucky during Nilou’s Banner, you probably missed it or need it for Nilou.

Primal Jade Carver is a strong second choice. It also increases the user’s HP and grants an attack bonus based on their max HP. This one makes using Layla as a field DPS even more viable.

On the 4-star side, the sacrificial sword is a handy option thanks to its unique skill which has a high chance of resetting the user’s skill cooldown. Layla’s skill has a fairly long cooldown of 12 seconds. This reset is especially useful in environments where his shield can break quickly, such as the Spiral Abyss.

Layla’s Best Artifacts – Tenacity of the Millelith

Genshin Impact Layla: An anime girl with a red headdress and a golden circle stands on a multi-colored background with her eyes closed

Millelith Tenacity is almost tailor-made for Layla, with HP, shield, and attack buffs – everything Layla does well – all in one package.

  • 2-element effect: increases HP by 20%
  • 4 Piece Effect: When an elemental skill hits an opponent, the attack of nearby party members increases by 20% and their shield strength increases by 30% for three seconds. This effect can still be triggered even when the character using this artifact set is not on the field

HP should be your main focus, followed by elemental damage and offense.

You can also opt for nobility obligeswhich is often easier to obtain since you earn 5-star sets by increasing your Adventure Rank.

  • 2-Piece Effect: Increases elemental burst damage by 20%
  • 4 Piece Effect: After using an Elemental Burst, your party’s attack is increased by 20%.

Finally is the Vagabond Blizzard set, which helps boost your Cryo damage and is especially useful on a Freeze team.

  • 2-Piece Effect: Increases Cryo damage by 15%
  • 4-part effect: Critical hit rate increases by 20% against enemies affected by Cryo and by 40% if they are frozen

What is the best version of Layla F2P?

The F2P version of Layla struggles a bit with weapon variety, but thanks to her high normal attack scaling, a craftable weapon comes in particularly handy.

Genshin Impact Layla: an anime girl with a red headdress and a golden circle is sitting on a beige background

Best Layla F2P Weapon – Rancor Prototype

grudge prototype increases the user’s physical attack damage, then buffs their attack and defense even further when their hits land. It doesn’t do anything for Layla’s elemental skill and burst, but since neither infuses her normal attacks, you can still deal a respectable amount of damage while both abilities are in cooldown. recharge or in conjunction with them.

Best Layla F2P Artifacts – Millelith Tenacity

Regardless of her weapon, HP and shield strength are still Layla’s most important stats, so her artifacts should reflect that in her F2P build as well.

Since the focus is slightly more on physical attacks with Prototype Rancor, you can complement it with Pale Flame, as its 2 piece effect

Also keep a thought for upcoming Genshin Impact characters to see how they might fit in with Layla, and be sure to redeem all active Genshin Impact codes, because everyone loves freebies.