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The doors of the Hall of Fame and the Museum of Medicine are closed,


SHAWNEE, Kansas, Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Although the Medicine’s Hall of Fame & Museum in Shawnee, Kansas opened its doors to the public in early 2020, its origins began much earlier. Physician Dr. Bruce Hodges has spent his life collecting nearly 5,000 medical artifacts from around the world for display in a museum to shed light on the history of medicine. After years of preparing the museum’s exhibits, just before it opened, restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic limited the museum’s ability to fully open. The low number of participants created financial difficulties which eventually led to its closure. Now the collections, which include rare antique medical equipment, Native American and African tribal medical practice artifacts, early apothecary wares and other unique medical implements, will be sold at a Mayo online auction. & Auction Realty in November.

Dr. Hodges and his son Robin have carefully curated the displays and exhibits that tell the historical past of medicine as practiced by cultures around the world. “In the 1970s, I decided to open a medical museum,” says Dr Hodges. As a medical practitioner and missionary in Uganda, he traveled to many African countries to collect the artifacts. “I always intended to put the objects in a museum,” he adds.

The museum has sold the building and will sell the museum artifacts and facilities in an online auction. Notable items include a rare 1940s pediatric iron lung used to treat polio virus; a Chippewa wood and rawhide medicine drum; a chief’s belt from the Nigerian Yoruba tribe circa 1880; a late 1800s Kratzer Carriage Company horse-drawn doctor’s cart; George Washington’s Presidential Peace Medals from 1789 to 1795; rare apothecary bottles and jars; and an old Colombian dental chair in which Dr. Louis Gebhardt was beaten to death by a patient on November 1, 1904.

One of his most memorable acquisitions for Dr. Hodges is a doctor’s bag from the 1880s. “A patient called me and said she had seen a newspaper advertisement for an auction real estate offering medical items for sale and thought I would be interested in it,” says Dr Hodges. “So I drove over 60 miles to the auction only to find that there was only one medical item in the sale, and it would sell as the last item. After waiting all day at the auction, I was determined to be the winning bidder on the doctor’s bag.” What makes the Saddle Bag so special is the nearly complete set of corked cap medicine vials and bottles contained inside.

The quantity and variety of unique and rare artifacts are difficult to describe. Fortunately, the more than 4,000 artifacts will be on display and offered to the public in several online auction catalogs ending the same week in early November.

The online auction, conducted by Mayo Auction & Realty of Belton, Missouri, will allow other collectors and museums to purchase these unique items. “We are honored to work with Dr. Hodges and the Medicine’s Hall of Fame & Museum. Throughout our process, we are committed to honoring the history of the artifacts and are focused on finding enthusiastic and dedicated custodians for each item in the museum,” says Robert Mayo, Managing Director and Auctioneer at Mayo Auction & Realty.

Photos and descriptions of the items will be published in multiple online catalogs and bidders will be able to bid from anywhere on their mobile devices, tablets or computers. In-person previews will take place Friday, November 4 from 2-6 p.m. at 6305 Lackman Road, Shawnee, Kansas. Online auctions end Monday, November 7.

Visit www.auctionbymayo.com to view all items, photos, descriptions and to bid.

Mayo Auction & Realty is a leading online auction provider in Kansas and Missouri.

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