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The Lakeland voice actor’s passion for art started young



George Lowe looks like any other guy who could walk around Lakeland until he opens his mouth. You never know which of his cartoon characters will fall. It could be “Space Ghost”, the father of “Brak” or the unicorn of “Robot Chicken”.

Lowe brings all of these characters to life with his dramatic voice. He says when he hears someone who has an interesting voice, he notices it.

“If I’m somewhere like New York and hear a great voice, I find myself later in the day trying to do it, especially in New York, because New York is such a set of Pu Pu sound. “Lowe explained.

In addition to being endlessly on the hunt for new and interesting voices, he tirelessly searches for something else, the next piece of art to add to his already vast collection.

“It’s a real illness. I should be in a program,” Lowe said wryly.

His passion for art started young.

“Mom grabbed me at graduation and said, ‘Do you want a car? ” I said no ! I want a Picasso. So we went to the bank, and it was just an engraving, and she had to get a loan for the engraving.

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His collection, which covers almost every square inch of his home, now numbers 700 pieces. Lowe is also a well-known artist himself.

“I use watercolors, but the majority of them are colored pencils on rotten brown paper,” he said.

The humble choice of paper didn’t seem to deter two recent buyers from starting a bidding war over one of his works at a New York auction house. It cost $ 2,000 at the door.


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