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The Last of Us Part 1: Bill’s Town – All Artifact Locations


Bill’s Town is an extremely formative section in The last of us part 1 because it’s the first time that Ellie and Joel are really alone together. This is the start of their bond as their relationship begins to cement and we learn a lot about Ellie’s character. While they don’t add anything specific to the relationship built by Joel and Ellie, the artifacts hidden around town certainly do a lot to educate the player about the setting and about Bill.

All artifacts are completely optional, but certainly add a lot to the lore surrounding the story, so it’s a good idea to pick them up if you’re looking to figure out the whole picture of The last of us part 1. They are also necessary for anyone looking to get the game’s platinum trophy, as the “Chronicle” trophy requires the player to collect all artifacts and notes in the game.

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#1: After going through the woods and into town, you’ll find yourself in front of a square building with a metal fire escape on its left side. Enter through the open door that connects to the stairs and enter the room immediately to your left. In the opposite corner of the room, you’ll find a piece of paper with a handwritten note on it near some boxes on the floor.

#2: After finding the note in the square building, progress through the area by lifting Ellie over the chain-link fence that’s to the left of the building’s fire escape. She will open a door for you and you will find yourself in the street. Head to the right and go down as far as possible on the road. You’ll pass all sorts of buildings that you can loot for supplies, but at the end of the street on your left is a local music store. Head into the back room of the store and you’ll find a note next to a printer on the left side of the back room.

#3: Leave the music store and continue walking down the street. Stuck on barbed wire at the very end, you’ll find a handwritten note with a security code on it. The safe is located partly up the street near a van.

#4: After jumping off a partially broken ladder, Joel will comment on the trip wires Bill has set up all over town. crouch under the one in front of you and, instead of going right as the main path dictates, head left into the building you were walking on. Climb the stairs to the right then go left into the first room. Before you can grab the note, you’ll need to take care of any infected people in the room. Once done, you will see a board with a note on it on the right side of the room.

safe house

#1: After you first meet Bill in the bar, he’ll tell you to grab the supplies you want. While there’s a lot to grab, be sure to snag the card that’s directly to your right as soon as you take control of Joel. It’s on the table to the right of the bar, so if you’re not watching it, you might miss it.

#2: As soon as you pick up the map from the bar, turn around and go through the door behind you on the right. Inside the back room, there is a small piece of paper sitting on the coffee table which is a handwritten note and an easily missing collectible.

#3: Once you’re done collecting the supplies from the bar, head to the critical path and you’ll close the door after Bill and Ellie leave the building. As soon as you run upstairs, Bill will keep running forward, but instead of following him, hook to the right and enter the room that’s parallel to the stairs you just climbed. On the table inside, you’ll find a small piece of paper with another handwritten note on it.


#1: The artifact in this section is in the church. Head to the pulpit and you’ll notice a room to the right. Inside the room you will find a note lying on a desk.

#2: As you make your way through the suburbs, you’ll eventually pass through a treehouse and then jump into the yard below. Enter the house on the right and go upstairs. Once upstairs, enter the first room on the right and you will find yourself in a child’s room. Just below the window is a newspaper you can pick up.

High School Escape

#1: After Ellie gets in the car, Bill will tell Joel to search the house they’re in for supplies. Turn around and head straight for the door and for the door on the other side of the living room. Inside the bedroom, you’ll find a note addressed to Bill on the desk on the left side of the room in front of the window.

#2: Take the note you just found to Bill in the garage and show it to him for an optional conversation. Bill will crumple the note and throw it behind him. Go around the car and pick up the crumpled note.