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The startup will send valuable artifacts to the ISS


It won’t be long before a museum of Earth artifacts is rocketed into space to find a permanent home on the International Space Station.

Plans for a space exhibit: A startup called Uplift Aerospace recently struck a deal with NASA to transport all kinds of valuables to the ISS and house them in Uplift’s Constellation Vault starting this year.

The safe is only the size of a gym locker, but it could include artifacts like rare artwork and jewelry. These objects, usually kept in museums, will ultimately only be visible in space.

“The idea is that we can present the objects while they are on the space station.”

Josh Hanes

Initially, the vault will serve as an exhibition platform. Unlike the time capsule that NASA sends to the Trojan asteroids, over time some objects in the Constellation Vault could be sold. The startup hopes it will “establish commerce in the space”.

“We want the Vault to be a place that showcases the value of humanity and the Earth when it comes to what we create,” said Josh Hanes, President and CEO of Uplift Aerospace. , to collectSpace – adding that some of the items that will be transported and returned will be destined for museums rather than being sold.

The details: The startup may have big ideas, but it has yet to define exactly how it will send the objects into space.

“The idea is that we’ll be able to showcase the objects while they’re on the space station,” Hanes told the website, “but we’re still developing the exact process of how that will be done.”

The team creates memberships for Uplift’s “Space+” community in the blockchain. The NFTs will allow owners access to “real space experiences, including the Constellation Vault”. People who purchase NFTs from Uplift Space will have access to freebies and opportunities like flying items to the ISS, winning a trip to space, or even keeping an item from the vault.

“We’ll have a payload where we bring back something from the space station that every member can have, whether it’s a mission patch or whatever,” Hanes said. He says the ultimate goal is to facilitate commerce between space and Earth – what better currency to do that than with NFTs, something that already seems a bit out of this world.

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