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The Winnipeg Art Gallery creates a permanent gallery for young artists


The Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) creates a permanent gallery to showcase the work of young artists.

To this day, the “Through the Eyes of a Child” exhibition is an annual six-week event, showcasing some of the art created by the hundreds of young students who take classes at WAG Studios.

Now the WAG is working to establish a permanent gallery that would present up to 52 exhibitions each year, with each exhibition created and curated by the children.

“We’ve pivoted to something that we believe will have greater impact and can bring more students into the process,” said Cara Mason, learning and curriculum coordinator for WAG, in an interview Thursday. .

“From curating and hanging their own artwork to being able to showcase their work throughout the year.”

She noted that involving children in this gallery would teach them about the curatorial process and show them the many considerations involved in creating an exhibit.

“How high on the wall it hangs, what it hangs next to – all of those things are considerations artists and curators make and now students will be involved in that,” Mason said.

She added that the permanent gallery will allow young artists to showcase their success.

“By giving them this opportunity, I think it validates the importance [their art] is and how proficient they have become,” Mason said.

The art gallery is raising funds to build the space on the fourth floor of the WAG. Those interested in donating can do so on line.

“As an art gallery, we have a responsibility to the community to give them the same opportunities that we promote in the building,” said Taylor Goodson, WAG Advancement Manager.

“To set up this exhibition is to give young people the opportunity to become artists and curators.

– With files from CTV’s Danny Halmarson