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TSChin’s painting becomes a certain European president’s favorite art collection


Malaysian artist takes vintage painting to the next level in Europe

Malaysian artist, TSChin, has just taken his vintage fine art painting to the highest level thanks to the recognition it gained from a certain European President at the Europe Sales Gallery. His vintage painting was one of the paintings displayed and sold in the showroom. During the exhibition, a large number of speculators were stunned by the sheer brilliance pronounced in his artwork. For the most part, they were surprised to see that the shipping address and the name of the painting belonged to one of the European presidents. However, due to the customer’s privacy and data protection policy, the exhibition sales gallery refused to release an image of the painting.

TSChin fully understands how expensive vintage paintings are; hence he leveraged this form of painting to create massive value for those who love art. With TSChin’s vintage paintings, home and office owners can be assured of an environment with a natural aesthetic ambiance. Vintage paintings go beyond common forms of paintings in that they exude an aura of class, warmth and safety. Interestingly, TSChin has great skill in creating this museum quality of unique paintings in vintage style for any purpose. To highlight his strength and dexterity in vintage painting, one of his vintage paintings was sold in Europe for 15,000 euros ($17,117.25) recently.

Painting is an expression of ideas and emotions with the creation of certain aesthetic qualities. To bring a painting to life, shapes, lines, colors, tones and textures can be used. These different elements can be used in different forms to best express the intentions of the painter and communicate effectively in the right pictorial language. Paintings can be applied or expressed through different mediums and forms; choosing the best medium is anchored on the sensual qualities and expressive tendencies of the choices available to achieve realistic expression.

“Painting, as an art form, is recognized as a global art in the art market and frequented by a large majority of art lovers. As a globally recognized form of painting, vintage painting has become the fastest growing art on the market. Very expensive for those who appreciate the natural values ​​of art, vintage painting has recently been in high demand. I added that painting is all the more enjoyable for us because we can easily capture current and new things with a camera, but we can only paint the past with a brush,” the sales manager said. of the gallery that represents the artist, “TSChin”.

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