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Two LC State students honored for outstanding student leadership


LEWISTON, Idaho – Two Lewis-Clark State College students were honored last Friday at the Washington Campus Compact Student Leadership Awards ceremony at the Washington Museum of Flight in Seattle.

Caden Massey, a senior from Kamiah, Idaho, and Simone Johnson, a senior from Blanchard, Idaho, received the President’s Civic Leadership Awards at the event. Traci Birdsell, Senior Director of the LC State Educational Opportunity Grants Program, presented both awards on behalf of LC State President Cynthia Pemberton.

The award recognizes outstanding student leaders for their work in civic engagement and social entrepreneurship.

The Washington Campus Compact is a coalition of higher education institutions committed to advancing the public purpose of colleges and universities, educating students in civic and social responsibility, and working in partnership to cultivate vital and sustainable communities. The Campus Compact is made up of university presidents and chancellors from institutions of higher education in Washington State, as well as some, like LC State, located near the Washington border.

At each member institution, up to two student leaders are selected on campus who make a difference in their communities and campuses through service. The president or chancellor of each school makes the selections after receiving the nominations. The majority of applications are from students participating in the AmeriCorps program, which is part of the Campus Compact. Americorps has more than 250,000 people each year serving organizations and making a difference in communities across the United States.

Massey majors in secondary education with a major in English and a minor in drama. Johnson majored in social work and minored in psychology and Spanish.

Massey is president of the LC State Associated Students this year. He is active in the TRIO program, theater productions, tutoring, hosting a fireside radio show, and student government. He founded a college video game club and also worked for the school newspaper, The Pathfinder, and the Office of Student Involvement.

Massey has worked 300 hours in the AmeriCorps program. Her job this school year was to help teach counselors and students how to use the new “Do More” app that allows LC State students to track events and other opportunities on campus, and monitor personal student progress. an individual in obtaining a micro-certificate in leadership.

Johnson attended Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy and is a member of the LC State tennis team. She is also a mentor for freshmen, resident assistant for residence life, and a member of the on-campus social work club. In addition, she is doing her internship in social work this year.

Johnson has worked 450 hours for AmeriCorps and with a focus on the college’s Student Success Program, which serves approximately 200 students with limited income, first generation (neither parent has a bachelor’s degree), and/or who have disabilities.

Friday’s event had more than 50 students honored at the afternoon ceremony. Students spent Friday morning participating in program discussions on a variety of issues. Washington Governor Jay Inslee addressed the group and also presented three Governor’s Awards.