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Vintage images from the 1990s of Bialys surfaces by Kossar



Photo: Bea Moss Productions

Last week, decades-old footage of Bialys of Kossar surface thanks to the Museum at Eldridge Street.

The found film is a candid look at the Lower East Side institution during the morning rush hour. When the bakers are seen roll, bake and stack the classic snack.

The play was originally filmed by Bea Moss, who intended to produce a documentary on the Lower East Side. We’ve got a full clip of the Kossar tour for your viewing pleasure.

Kossar’s opened on Clinton Street as Mirsky and Kossar’s back in 1936 as Isadore Mirsky and Morris Kossar. It moved to its current perch on Grand Street in 1960.

However, Kossar’s is not what it used to be. It’s now run by Alan Phillips, the guy behind the Friedman’s chain, which itself has opened an outpost next door at 357 Grand Street. (There have been several ownership changes over the years.) Since then, the focus has shifted from making bagels and bialys to the brand itself. The Kossar’s name – in red and white – has become the most important product for sale.

Meanwhile, the business is also expanding with a new 1,200 square foot location in Chelsea.

Video courtesy of Bea Moss Productions.