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What is Mar-a-Lago? The Story of Trump’s Resort and Luxury Home – NBC 6 South Florida


On August 8, former President Donald Trump revealed that the FBI was conducting a search of his Mar-a-Lago estate, a search the FBI said was an attempt to recover sensitive documents transferred to Florida when Trump left the White House after his presidency.

On Friday, the property receipt for the items recovered by FBI agents who searched the Mar-a-Lago resort town shows the agents recovered a treasure trove of top-secret and other highly classified documents.

In light of recent news surrounding the Mar-a-Lago estate, here’s a look at what it is, when it was built, and why it’s so synonymous with Trump’s livelihood.

What is Mar-a-Lago?

Located in Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-Lago is a 20-acre luxury resort club. It’s known as an “ultra-exclusive” property for the elite, with world-class amenities like fine dining, an oceanfront pool, and state-of-the-art recreation and fitness centers. technology. The property is also known for hosting high profile events such as weddings, galas and holiday events.

The former president also owns a private residence in Mar-a-Lago which borders the club.

When was Mar-a-Lago built?

The Mar-a-Lago Estate was designed and built for Marjorie Merriweather Post and EF Hutton in the early 1920s. Marjorie Merriweather Post is known as a businesswoman, socialite and philanthropist who became the wealthiest woman in the States United at only 27 years old.

Photo shows Marjorie Merriweather Post before a gala held at Mar-a-Lago. (Credit: United States Department of the Interior Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service)

Over 600 workers contributed to the construction of the estate over a 4 year period to complete the 58 bed/33 bath house. The completed house would have cost around $100 million and it finally opened in 1927.

Mar-A-Lago was designed as an adaptation of the Hispano-Moorish style, commonly found among villas in the Mediterranean. The house was built of stone, but not just any stone. Historical records indicate that three shipments of Dorian stone were shipped from Genoa, Italy to be used for the exterior walls of the house.

What is the history of the domain?

Due to its vastness, beauty and notoriety, the estate has become a nationally recognized historical monument. In 1669 it was designated “The National Historic Site of Mar-a-Lago” by the Ministry of the Interior. In 1972, an act of Congress placed the property on the National Register of Historic Places.

Many attribute Post’s dedication and care to this. Throughout her life, the wealthy businesswoman used the estate as the grounds for many notable dignitaries.

After her death in 1973, she left the estate to the federal government as a presidential/diplomatic retreat, where it earned its nickname “Winter White House.” This did not last long, however, as maintenance and security costs prompted the government to turn it over to the Post Foundation.



The photo shows an aerial view of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort in Palm Beach County.

How did Trump acquire it?

From the Post Foundation, Trump purchased the property in 1985, using it as his private residence until 1995. Although the exact price is not publicly known, it is reported that he paid $10 million for the succession.

According to the Mar-a-Lago Club webpage, “in a form almost identical to its original design”. This, of course, except for the additions and renovations that have made the club the epitome of wealth, modernism and luxury that it is today.

What does the Mar-a-Lago look like today?

Today, the Mar-a-Lago offers suites and even real estate for those who wish to not only visit, but actually live at the Mar-a-Lago estate. It is a 126-room property, including an 1,800 square foot living room and a 1,500 square foot collage room.

The photo shows a tiled patio at Mar-a-Lago, one of the most stunning focal points of the Mar-a-Lago estate.

The property features a spa, salon, fitness center, tennis courts, 2 acres of private beach, 100×50 foot swimming pool, “Gold” ballroom and White” newly renovated and much more.

Mar-a-Lago is known for its breathtaking architecture, rich history, ornate decor and lavish lounges, dining rooms and ballrooms.