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Xiamen City of Art Forum Highlights Urban Renewal in China


People attend the City Forum for Tomorrow in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Photo: Courtesy of Xiao Min

Over 20 cultural experts and scholars gathered in Xiamen, eastern China’s Fujian Province, for a forum exploring the relationship between art and urban renewal.

The City for Tomorrow conference aimed to explore the urban renewal plans being implemented in many Chinese cities and how these are combined with culture and art.

According to these experts and academics, it has become an international consensus that culture is an important driving force for urban development. Building a cultural city with artistic characteristics is an inevitable demand for urbanization in China.

“Art is the most organic part of culture and the most nimble atmosphere in a city,” said Zhao Shaohua, former vice minister of culture.

Art can define the character of a city and reflect the local atmosphere, characteristics and humanistic attention within an urban center.

“Cities are carriers of cultural and emotional memory. Strengthening historical and cultural protection, paying attention to the heritage and continuity of civilization, and retaining the traditional building mechanisms and cultural characteristics of the city should be goals, ”said Fan Di’an, chairman of the city. ‘Central Academy of Fine Arts and advisor to the Forum Ville pour Demain.

Wang Daheng, president of the Chinese Association of Culture and Construction Art, believes that “the development and prosperity of cities cannot be separated from the construction of culture and art. environmental art. “

Besides the forum, the Kulangsu Contemporary Art Center also launched its Young Artists Project, which showcases the new media arts of four young artists.

The upcoming related exhibition will also feature prominent artists such as Xu Bing, Zhan Wang, Song Dong, and Chen Wenling.