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Your art collection can give insight into your personality


Art can be the most revealing form of an individual’s personality. By its nature, art is a reflection of a person’s thoughts, beliefs and state of mind. At its most basic level, a work of art is the result of inspiration from its creator which is triggered by something he feels. Whether it’s in the secretive demeanor Da Vinci portrays in his subjects, the intense melancholy reflected in Amrita Sher-Gil’s self-portrait, or the muted tones used in the whimsical pieces of American artist Mary Blair, the art has a way of putting personality in color and context.

And in most cases, this belief that art represents “the me” is transferable from artist to admirer. The correlation between an individual’s personality and artistic interests has long been studied by psychologists, dating back to the 1930s and examining preferences to determine aspects such as spontaneity, conservatism, openness or tolerance.

Art and psychology

If you think of one of the more common personality tests popularized on television and in the movies, your mind almost immediately switches to the Rorschach Inkblottest. Now, while these inkblots aren’t necessarily works of art, the way you perceive them is very revealing of how you react to life, creating an image of who you are as a person.

This understanding of perception is what has made art such an interesting basis for studying personality in the world of psychology. In fact, countless studies have found that the more conservative a person, the more their preference turned to simple, figurative arts like Impressionism, while the more liberal and open-minded identified more with art. abstract.

The spirit of the collector

So, if we follow the scientific methods of evaluating these personalities, it would be safe to assume that the more outgoing and extroverted you are, the more you would orient yourself towards contemporary, abstract and pop-art. However, if you’re a bit more introverted, your preferences are likely to be more traditional.

The art lover is perhaps the most important of the lot. They are subtle, understated and let the art speak for itself. Their collections could include a combination of legacy masterpieces, contemporary pieces, sculpture, textile art and anything that reflects their refined sensibility. Although their collection is enviable, few would have the privilege of seeing the works that are truly dear to them.

From heart to head, we come to the investor. Although he is savvy in his understanding and knowledge of the art, spotting the potential miles away with pieces by artists old and new – his collection is akin to a trust fund valued at million dollars in texture, shape and canvas. Almost a symbolic power play, her collection is loved, coveted, and to some extent an extension of her net worth.

Making a statement is what most of us try to accomplish in our tastes, behavior, and behavior. But for the satirist, his collection is talking about everything. With an appreciation for artists like Banksy, Veer Munshi or the century-old work of Gaganendranath Tagore, the satirist is drawn to art that questions socio-political issues and holds up a mirror to society.

Over the years, I have been an artist and a collector; it’s these distinctive personalities that jump out at you when you look at someone’s collection. For any art collector, his collection is his most precious possession, his joy of living. And it’s always fascinating to see how these works of art paint a picture of the collector themselves.

And in many cases, it is not necessarily the ones hanging on the walls that paint this image, but the ones neatly put away for preservation. It has been said that – two pairs of eyes cannot see a work of art the same way – and for a collector it certainly is.

(The writer is a professional artist, educator and co-founder of You Lead India Foundation)

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Posted on: Wednesday December 08, 2021, 3:54 PM IST